Class EventFilterSpec.

Inherits Garbage

The EventFilterSpec class is a helper for EventMap: It remembers what the client wants for a particular something (the selected mailbox, a subtree, etc.) EventMap and IMAP use that to notify the IMAP client about the kinds of events that interest it.


Constructs an empty EventFilterSpec with a strong omerta policy.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

bool EventFilterSpec::appliesTo( Mailbox * mailbox )

Returns true if mailbox is the list recorded by setMailboxes(), or if type() is Subtree and one of its parents is on that list. Returns false in all other cases.

List<Mailbox> * EventFilterSpec::mailboxes() const

Returns whatever setMailboxes() recorded. This may be an empty list, but is never a null pointer.

Fetch * EventFilterSpec::newMessageFetcher() const

Records whatever setNewMessageFetcher() recorded.

bool EventFilterSpec::notificationWanted( Event type )

Returns whatever setNotificationWanted() recorded for type.

void EventFilterSpec::setMailboxes( List<Mailbox> * mailboxes )

Records that this spec applies to mailboxes. The initial value is an empty list.

EventMap::refresh() overwrites this for the Subscribed etc.

void EventFilterSpec::setNewMessageFetcher( Fetch * f )

Records that the client should be notified of new message events using f. The initial value is a null pointer; setting a null pointer is permissible.

void EventFilterSpec::setNotificationWanted( Event type, bool should )

Records that the client should be notified of events of type (if should is true) or not (if should is false). The initial value is... something.

void EventFilterSpec::setType( Type t )

Records t as the type. The initial value is SelectedDelayed.

Type EventFilterSpec::type() const

Returns whatever setType() recorded.

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