Mailing lists about Archiveopteryx

We run two mailing lists, one for general discussions and one low-volume announcements list.


To be notified of new releases (and perhaps other important announcements), subscribe to the announce list:

To: Subject: subscribe subscribe

The RSS feed at will contain the same announcements.

Announcements are also posted to the users list (see below), so you may not want to subscribe to announce if you're also subscribing to users.

User list

To join the general discussion list about using Archiveopteryx, bugs, new features, Abhijit's hairstyle (now boringly normal again) or other relevant topics:

To: Subject: subscribe subscribe

The users list is closed. Only subscribers can post. We do not limit discussion in any particular way, but we do request that postings have something to say about Archiveopteryx.

Please don't mention the posting address (users@…) in public. As long as that address isn't mentioned in public, the list is spam-free without effort from us.


The archives are accessible on the web at, or via IMAP:, port 143. You may login as "anonymous" with password "anonymous" (or use SASL anonymous authentication, if your MUA supports it). The archives live in mailboxes named /archives/mailstore-users and /archives/mailstore-announce. runs Archiveopteryx to serve these archives.

Please let us know if you have any problem with the archives.


To unsubscribe from either list, send a message from the subscribed address with the single-word subject unsubscribe to the relevant -request address, e.g:

To: Subject: unsubscribe unsubscribe

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