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The webmaster may be contacted at info@aox.org, or by fax at +49 89 45029758. This web site is published by Oryx Mail Systems GmbH.


Oryx does not guarantee that information provided on this site is correct and up to date, or that links to other sites work as expected. In case of errors, please notify info@aox.org and we will correct them.

Oryx accepts no responsibility for any sites other than www.archiveopteryx.org and www.aox.org.

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URLs on this web site are stable. Links to this site will not be broken. If a page must be moved, we leave 301 or 302 references at its old location.

Files in the /download/ section may be removed.

We encourage linking to https://archiveopteryx.org/word/ (or http://aox.org/word/ if you're short on space). For example, /download/. We strongly discourage linking to index. Please use e.g. /news/ instead of /news/index.


To enable usage analysis and improve service, log files for www.archiveopteryx.org are stored indefinitely. The following data are stored: IP address, date and time, URL, user-agent string and referer URL.

Cookies are not used. When a browser uses a web proxy, only the proxy's IP address is stored. We do not try to identify end users. (www.archiveopteryx.org is fully compatible with Anonymizer and other proxies.)

No log data will be given to third parties.

In case of questions, please write to info@aox.org.

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