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On 25th June 2009, I (Arnt Gulbrandsen, co-founder and majority shareholder of Oryx) wrote the following to the users mailing list:


Abhijit and I are going to close Oryx. The process is an involved one, but around October 2010, Oryx will be gone.

Because of health problems and past mistakes, we don't think Oryx as a company is viable any more.

So we're gradually closing down Oryx, BUT NOT ARCHIVEOPTERYX. We'll relicense it using either the BSD or Apache 2 licenses and continue making new releases for years to come. We both feel obliged to keep the existing archives viable.

The next release is overdue, but it'll have to wait until Abhijit's elbow permits the necessary typing. Nothing in the diff is important enough to skimp on our usual review process.

The mailing lists will move to aox.org now (you don't need to resubscribe). If you filter, adjust your filters to suit:

To: announce@aox.org List-Id: <announce.aox.org> To: users@aox.org List-Id: <users.aox.org>


That's it. If you're reading this, we've probably sold the oryx.com domain; people used to send us offers every few weeks/months. Someone else will get all the French and Turkish spam which used to plague info@oryx.com.

If you need Archiveopteryx consulting (new features, installation help, anything) either Abhijit or Arnt may be able to help. Feel free to ask.

In case of questions, please ask info@aox.org.

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