The db-schema configuration variable

db-schema specifies which database schema will be used for accessing the database tables.

The default is usually fine if Archiveopteryx is used on its own. If you want to integrate the mail database with another database, then we suggest using a separate schema for Archiveopteryx.

db-schema is a string. Its default value is true:

db-schema = public

You can see its current value with the command aox show cf db-schema.

String syntax

Strings may be written as a single unquoted word or quoted with either single or double quotes, as shown in these three examples:

db-password = single.word
db-password = "rock'n'roll" # a 12-character password
db-password = 'two words, quoted' # a 17-character one

Only single-line strings can be used. Single-word strings may contain the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, dot, hyphen and slash.

Spaces are allowed at the start of the line, before and after '=', and after the value. Comments extend from '#' to the end of the line.

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