The logfile-mode configuration variable

logfile-mode is 400 by default and controls the permissions used by logd(8) if it creates logfile. The format (three octal digits) is the same as that used by chmod(1).

logfile-mode is a string. Its default value is compilation-dependent.

You can see its current value with the command aox show cf logfile-mode.

String syntax

Strings may be written as a single unquoted word or quoted with either single or double quotes, as shown in these three examples:

db-password = single.word
db-password = "rock'n'roll" # a 12-character password
db-password = 'two words, quoted' # a 17-character one

Only single-line strings can be used. Single-word strings may contain the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, dot, hyphen and slash.

Spaces are allowed at the start of the line, before and after '=', and after the value. Comments extend from '#' to the end of the line.

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