The submit-copy-to-sender configuration variable

submit-copy-to-sender controls whether Archiveopteryx should ensure that the sender receives a copy of outgoing mail. This can be used to ensure that all outgoing mail is archived. The sender's copy is delivered through the configured smarthost, together with the normal recipients.

submit-copy-to-sender is a toggle. Its default value is false:

submit-copy-to-sender = false

You can see its current value with the command aox show cf submit-copy-to-sender.

Toggle syntax

Toggles are written as a single word. Yes, true, on, 1, and enabled all mean that the toggle is enabled, while no, false, off, 0, and disabled unsurprisingly mean disabled. Toggles are case-insensitive.

Spaces are allowed at the start of the line, before and after '=', and after the value. Comments extend from '#' to the end of the line.

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