The views table

The views table holds the search expression which in turn decides which messages are visible in a view mailbox.

The id is unused by Archiveopteryx. It exists for the convenience of clustering and other tools.

The source columns refers to the mailbox from which this view selects its messages, and the view column points to the mailbox where the selected messages are visible.

The nextmodseq column is the first modseq in the source mailbox which has not been considered for inclusion into view. (Each message insertion, deletion, flag change and any other change consumes one modseq. A message's current modseq is held in mailbox_messages.modseq, and the next available modseq is held in mailboxes.nextmodseq.

selector is the search expression, in an internal undocumented format.

create table views ( -- Grant: select, insert, delete, update id serial primary key, source integer not null references mailboxes(id) on delete cascade, view integer not null references mailboxes(id) on delete cascade unique, -- We need to keep track of how far we've searched already. nextmodseq bigint not null, selector text );

The views table was introduced in version 1.01.

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