Building Archiveopteryx with Jam

The recommended way to build Archiveopteryx is to use jam.

Since jam is not as widely installed as make, our release tarballs provide a Makefile for convenience. You should be able to build and install the software with "make" and "make install".

Some distributions provide third-party Jam packages (e.g. boost-jam or ft-jam). We don't test or support building with these variants, and have received at least one report that it doesn't work.


You shouldn't ordinarily need to edit Jamsettings, which contains the defaults for various configuration parameters (many of which can be overriden at runtime in the configuration file).

If you do edit Jamsettings, remember that you have to write X = y ;, and not X=y; (or any variant with fewer than three spaces).

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Last modified: 2010-11-19