Manual Page: aoximport.8


aoximport - import messages into Archiveopteryx.


/usr/local/archiveopteryx/bin/aoximport [-vqe] mailbox type source-file [ source-file ... ]


aoximport is used to import messages into Archiveopteryx en masse from other mailboxes (mbox, MH, maildir and Cyrus mailboxes are currently supported).



enables more verbose output. Can be repeated.


sets the verbosity to zero.


makes aoximport write problem messages to the errors subdirectory. If a message has parse problems, aoximport writes a copy of the message to errors/anonymised if anonymisation preserves the error, and to errors/plaintext else. The message is also written to the target mailbox, as an attachment to a special error message.

The messages in the errors directory may be sent to, and we'll try to find out what the problem is. Please delete personal/confidential messages from errors/plaintext first.


In the synopsis above, mailbox is the fully-qualified name of the destination mailbox (which must exist) into which messages are imported. type may be mbox, maildir, mh, or cyrus. The remaining arguments are interpreted as mailbox filenames of the specified type.


To import messages from the mbox files in ~/Mail/imap/* to a mailbox named /users/nirmala/imap:

aoximport /users/nirmala/imap mbox ~/Mail/imap/*

After a large import, it's a good idea to run "aoxvacuum" .


The Archiveopteryx Developers,


This man page covers Archiveopteryx version 3.1.3, released 2010-03-10,


aox(8), archiveopteryx(8),