Using Sendmail with Archiveopteryx

Warning: The instructions below were known to work in the past, but we have received reports that it doesn't work with recent versions of sendmail. If you know how to fix the problem, please let us know.

Sendmail 8.x can be integrated with Archiveopteryx. Below we describe how to deliver local mail to Archiveopteryx, and how to deliver server multiple independent domains. In both cases, LMTP is used, and you need a mailer definition telling Sendmail how to connect to Archiveopteryx.

Note that the Sendmail integration has not been tested by Oryx.

Local mail

To deliver all mail to Archiveopteryx, you include the aox mailer to your Sendmail configuration and then select it for use with local mail.

To do this, the file mailstore.m4 must be stored in your cf/mailer directory and the following two lines included in your .mc file:

define(`confLOCAL_MAILER', `mailstore')

Once this is done, you can rebuild your sendmail configuration and local mail should be handed off to Archiveopteryx.

If you've changed either lmtp-address or lmtp-port in archiveopteryx.conf, you need to specify matching values for MAILSTORE_LMTP_ADDRESS and MAILSTORE_LMTP_PORT in sendmail's .mc file. (Note that MAILSTORE_LMTP_ADDRESS has to be an IP address. It cannot be a unix socket name.)

Virtual domains

It is also possible to serve multiple domains. In this case, you must add the Mailstore mailer to your .cf file, but the confLOCAL_MAILER setting is not necessary.

For each domain that Archiveopteryx is to serve, you add one line to the mailertable and the access map. In mailertable, you configure Sendmail to send all mail for using the mailstore mailer to

In the access map, you configure sendmail to accept mail for via SMTP: RELAY

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