Sieve Subaddress support in Archiveopteryx

The Subaddress extension provides address tag support: can use the subaddresses, and so on.

These subaddresses need not be registered anywhere. If is valid and subaddresses are enabled, then all subaddresses are valid automatically.

Archiveopteryx fully supports subaddresses.

Subaddress support is disabled by default in Archiveopteryx 2.x. It can be enabled by setting the use-subaddressing variable in archiveopteryx.conf.

The Subadddress specification specifies that the address and subaddress should be separated by a plus sign. Accordingly, this is the default for Archiveopteryx. However, many poorly implemented web forms refuse to accept email addresses containing a plus sign, so it may be better to use a hyphen or another character: address-separator = "-"

In the following example, mail to is specially filed, mail to is rejected, and mail to all other subaddresses is filed in the normal inbox.

if allof ( envelope :user "to" "alice", envelope :domain "to" "" ) { if envelope :detail "to" "amazon" { reject; stop; } if envelope :detail "to" "aox" { fileinto "lists/aox"; } keep; }

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