Class Authenticate.

Inherits Command

Initiates SASL authentication (RFC 3501 section 6.2.2)

This class oversees the SASL challenge-response negotiation, using a SaslMechanism subclass to handle the details of the client-selected authentication mechanism.

Supports SASL as used by RFC 3501 and extended by RCC 4959.

void Authenticate::execute()

Creates a SaslMechanism corresponding to the selected mechanism, and uses it to participate in a challenge-response negotiation until we reach a decision.

Typically, we create a handler and issue a challenge, and are called again to read the response, which we accept or reject after a quick chat with the database.

Reimplements Command::execute().

void Authenticate::parse()

Parses the initial arguments to AUTHENTICATE (at least a mechanism name, and perhaps a SASL initial response as well).

Reimplements Command::parse().

void Authenticate::read()

Tries to read a single response line from the client, and pass it to the SaslMechanism if it succeeds.

Reimplements Command::read().

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