Class ContentTransferEncoding.

Inherits MimeField

The Content-Transfer-Encoding field is defined in RFC 2045, section 6. If present, it specifies the transfer encoding applied to a body-part. If absent, the body-part is assumed to be 7bit.

We don't differentiate between 7bit, 8bit and binary; all are treated the same way.


Constructs a new ContentTransferEncoding object.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString::Encoding ContentTransferEncoding::encoding() const

Returns the encoding, or Binary in case of error.

void ContentTransferEncoding::setEncoding( EString::Encoding en )

Sets the encoding of this ContentTransferEncoding object to en. This is a special hack for use by Bodypart::parseBodypart() in an attempt to preserve field order.

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