Class Cp949Codec.

Inherits Codec. Inherited by EucKrCodec.

This class implements a translator between Unicode and the CP949 character set, which is a superset of the KS C 5601-1992 Korean character set, EucKrCodec.

XXX: It is not yet clear how this charset is used in email. "CP949" is not defined in the IANA charset registry, and it seems that some programs use "ks_c_5601" and "kc_c_5601-1987" to mean CP949 instead of EUC-KR.

Cp949Codec::Cp949Codec( const char * n )

Creates a new Cp949Codec object which pretends its name is n. The default, null, means "ks_c_5601-1987".

Reimplements Codec::Codec().

EString Cp949Codec::fromUnicode( const UString & u )

Returns the encoded representation of the UString u.

Reimplements Codec::fromUnicode().

UString Cp949Codec::toUnicode( const EString & s )

Returns the Unicode representation of the EString s.

Reimplements Codec::toUnicode().

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