Class DatabaseSignal.

Inherits Garbage

The DatabaseSignal class provides an interface to the PostgreSQL LISTEN command. By creating an instance of this class, you request to be notified whenever anyone uses the corresponsing pg NOTIFY command.

This is an eternal object. Once you've done this, there is no turning back. The listening never stops.

DatabaseSignal::DatabaseSignal( const EString & name, EventHandler * owner )

Constructs a DatabaseSignal for name which will notify owner. Forever.

static EStringList * DatabaseSignal::names()

Returns a non-null pointer to a list of all names used with the constructor. This function allocates memory. The list may contain duplicates.

static void DatabaseSignal::notifyAll( const EString & name )

This command should be called only by Postgres. It notifies those event handlers who have created DatabaseSignal objects for name.


This destructor is private, so noone can ever call it. Objects of this class are indestructible by nature.

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