Class EucJpCodec.

Inherits Codec

This codec translates between Unicode and JIS X 0208:1990, encoded with EUC-JP.

The following ambiguities exist:

1. Most variants of EUC-JP assume the range 0x20-0x7E to be ASCII, but one apparently uses JIS X 0201 instead, in which 0x5C maps to U+00A5 (YEN SIGN) instead of the REVERSE SOLIDUS; and 0x7E maps to U+203E (OVERLINE) instead of the TILDE. (Ignored.)

2. (Halfwidth Katakana and IBM/NEC special characters have simply been ignored.)

3. The following conflicting codepoints are not yet handled:

1. K+213D: U+2014 (ICU, Java) vs. U+2015 (Qt, Perl) 2. K+215D: U+FF0D (Qt) vs. U+2212 (Java, Perl, ICU) 3. K+2171: U+00A2 (Qt, Perl, Java) vs. U+FFE0 (ICU) 4. K+2172: U+00A3 (Qt, Perl, Java) vs. U+FFE1 (ICU) 5. K+224C: U+00AC (Qt, Perl, Java) vs. U+FFE2 (ICU)

See <>


Creates a new EucJpCodec object.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString EucJpCodec::fromUnicode( const UString & u )

Returns the EUC-JP-encoded representation of the UString u.

Reimplements Codec::fromUnicode().

UString EucJpCodec::toUnicode( const EString & s )

Returns the Unicode representation of the EString s.

Reimplements Codec::toUnicode().

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