Class ImapFetchResponse.

Inherits ImapResponse

The ImapFetchResponse class models a single FETCH response. Its primary responsibity is to pick the right MSN at send time.

ImapFetchResponse::ImapFetchResponse( ImapSession * s, Fetch * fetch, uint uid )

Constructs a FETCH response for the message with uid with the data fetch fetched, if and only if s is active when it's time to send.

void ImapFetchResponse::setSent()

This reimplementation of setSent() frees up memory... that shouldn't be necessary when using garbage collection, but in this case it's important to remove messages from the data structures when they've been sent, so the collector sees that the memory can be reused. If we don't, then all of the messages occupy RAM until the last one has been sent.

Reimplements ImapResponse::setSent().

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