Class ImapSearchResponse.

Inherits ImapResponse

The ImapSearchResponse models the SEARCH and ESEARCH responses. It is responsible for sending the right one, and for using only correct MSNs.

ImapSearchResponse::ImapSearchResponse( ImapSession * session, const IntegerSet & set, int64 modseq, const EString & tag, bool u, bool rmin, bool rmax, bool rcount, bool rall )

Constructs a search response, able to send a SEARCH or ESEARCH response for set within session.

If u is true, UIDs will be sent, if not, MSNs. If a modseq needs to be sent, modseq will be. If the response is ESEARCH, then tag will be included as command tag.

The rmin, rmax, rcount and rall response modifiers correspond to the four result options in RFC 4731.

EString ImapSearchResponse::text() const

Constructs a SEARCH or ESEARCH response depending on.

Reimplements ImapResponse::text().

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