Class Iso2022JpCodec.

Inherits Codec

This class implements a translator between Unicode and the JIS X 0208:1990 character set using the ISO-2022-JP encoding, which is described in RFC1468.

In summary: text starts as ASCII, but can switch to either JIS X 0201 (the "Roman" character set) or JIS X 0208 through an escape sequence; a different escape sequence switches back to ASCII. In double-byte JIS X 0208 mode, successive bytes are ku/ten indexes (0+33 to 93+33) into an ISO-2022 style 94x94 character grid.


Creates a new Iso2022JpCodec object.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString Iso2022JpCodec::fromUnicode( const UString & u )

Returns the ISO-2022-JP-encoded representation of the UString u.

Reimplements Codec::fromUnicode().

UString Iso2022JpCodec::toUnicode( const EString & s )

Returns the Unicode representation of the EString s.

Reimplements Codec::toUnicode().

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