Class Iso88591Codec.

Inherits Codec

The Iso88591Codec converts between ISO 8859-1 and Unicode, using this simplified mapping: 8859-1 is the first 256 code points of unicode. The tiny little problem of code points 128-159 is resolutely ignored.


Constructs a Codec for ISO-8859-1.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString Iso88591Codec::fromUnicode( const UString & u )

Converts u from Unicode to 8859-1, mapping all characters after U+00FF to '?'.

Reimplements Codec::fromUnicode().

UString Iso88591Codec::toUnicode( const EString & s )

Converts s from 8859-1 to Unicode.

Reimplements Codec::toUnicode().

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