Class MacRomanCodec.

Inherits TableCodec

The MacRomanCodec class maps between MacRoman and Unicode.

MacRoman is the character set most commonly used on the Macintosh. It's used a little now and then on the net, and many other converters support it. So we do too.

Since other Macintosh encodings aren't, we don't. Apple seems to encourage MUAs to generate other encodings for internet use, apparently with success. Good.

At, there are Apple-supplied tables called ARABIC.TXT, CENTEURO.TXT, CORPCHAR.TXT, CROATIAN.TXT, CYRILLIC.TXT, DEVANAGA.TXT, DINGBATS.TXT, FARSI.TXT, GREEK.TXT, GUJARATI.TXT, GURMUKHI.TXT, HEBREW.TXT, ICELAND.TXT, KEYBOARD.TXT, LATIN2.TXT, ROMANIAN.TXT, SYMBOL.TXT, THAI.TXT, TURKISH.TXT and UKRAINE.TXT. They correspond to some subset of the Apple encodings MacArabic, MacArmenian, MacBengali, MacBurmese, MacCentralEurRoman, MacChineseSimp, MacChineseTrad, MacCroatian, MacCyrillic, MacDevanagari, MacDingbats, MacEthiopic, MacExtArabic, MacFarsi, MacGeorgian, MacGreek, MacGujarati, MacGurmukhi, MacHebrew, MacIcelandic, MacJapanese, MacKannada, MacKhmer, MacKorean, MacLaotian, MacMalayalam, MacMongolian, MacOriya, MacRomanian, MacSinhalese, MacSymbol, MacTamil, MacTelugu, MacThai, MacTibetan, MacTurkish, MacUkrainian and MacVietnamese. None of those names are defined in the IANA tables, and except MacRoman they don't seem to crop up in mail. For ease of testing, we've decided to drop support for them until there is a demonstrable need.


Constructs a codec for the Macintosh "roman" character set/encoding, based on data provided by the Unicode Consortium.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

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