Class MD5.

Inherits Garbage

Implements the MD5 message-digest algorithm (RFC 1321).

Based on public-domain code written by Colin Plumb in 1993.

static EString MD5::HMAC( const EString & secret, const EString & text )

Returns the HMAC-MD5 digest of secret and text as a 32-char hex string with lowercase letters. (RFC 2104)


Creates and initialises an empty MD5 object.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

void MD5::add( const EString & s )

As above, but adds data from the EString s.

void MD5::add( const char * str, uint len )

Updates the MD5 context to reflect the concatenation of len bytes from str.

static EString MD5::hash( const Buffer & s )

Returns the MD5 hash of the Buffer s.

static EString MD5::hash( const EString & s )

Returns the MD5 hash of the EString s.

EString MD5::hash()

Returns the 16-byte MD5 hash of the bytes add()ed so far.

void MD5::init()

Initialises an MD5 context for use.

void MD5::transform()

The basic MD5 transformation: updates the MD5 hash context based on the next 64 bit block of input. (Padding, if necessary, is handled by the caller.)

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