Class Notify.

Inherits Command

The Notify class implements the IMAP NOTIFY extension, RFC 5465.

It doesn't actually do very much, just parse the MUA's wishes and sets a variable or two or three or forty-four for IMAP to use.

void Notify::execute()

Activates the parsed notification. May run a bunch of STATUS queries.

Reimplements Command::execute().

void Notify::parseEvent( EventFilterSpec * s )

Parses a single event description and records it using s.

void Notify::parseEventGroup()

Parses an even group and updates state.

List<Mailbox> * Notify::parseMailboxes()

Parses the one-or-many-mailbox item and returns a pointer to a list of mailboxes. The return value will not be a null pointer, but can point to an empty list, and in case of errors the list mail contain null pointers.

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