Class PgBind.

Inherits PgClientMessage

C: Creates a portal by binding values to a prepared statement.

This message contains the names of a portal to create and a prepared statement to bind values to (EStrings); an Int16 count followed by an array of Int16 format codes; an Int16 count of values followed by an (Int32 length, Byten value) pair for each value; and an Int16 count followed by an array of Int16 result format codes.

PgBind::PgBind( const EString & src, const EString & dst )

Creates a message to Bind values to the prepared statement src in order to create a portal named dst. (By default, both src and dst are empty.)

void PgBind::bind( List< Query::Value > * v )

Binds the values in the list v to the prepared statement specified during construction.

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