Class SmtpMailFrom.

Inherits SmtpCommand

The SmtpMailFrom class parses and acts on the "mail from" command, with whatever extensions we like. Bothersome.

The extensions currently implemented are SIZE (see RFC 1870) and DSN (RFC 3461).

SmtpMailFrom::SmtpMailFrom( SMTP * s, SmtpParser * p )

Creates a new SmtpMailFrom handler from the command issued to s, which is parsed using p.

void SmtpMailFrom::addParam( const EString & name, const EString & value )

Parses and (partly) acts on the esmtp parameter name, value pair. At present we don't support any, although that surely has to change soon.

void SmtpMailFrom::execute()

Does everything this class needs to do. First checks that the SMTP object doesn't have any senders or recipients yet.

Reimplements SmtpCommand::execute().

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