Class SmtpRcptTo.

Inherits SmtpCommand

This class handles the RCPT TO command.

SmtpRcptTo::SmtpRcptTo( SMTP * s, SmtpParser * p )

Creates a new handler for s, using p to parsed the RCPT TO command.

void SmtpRcptTo::addParam( const EString & name, const EString & value )

Parses and (partly) acts on the esmtp parameter name, value pair. At present we don't support any, although that surely has to change soon.

Address * SmtpRcptTo::address() const

Returns a pointer to the recipient address. If the command was syntactically correct, this is never a null pointer.

bool SmtpRcptTo::remote() const

Returns true if the recipient address is remote, false if it is local, and true if the command hasn't been finished yet.

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