Class Utf7Codec.

Inherits Codec. Inherited by MUtf7Codec.

The Utf7Codec class provides conversion to and from the UTF-7 encoding specified in RFC 2152. It's almost entirely unused, except that some IMAP clients use its mUTF7 variation. It is implemented here so that we can more easily implement mUTF7.

Utf7Codec::Utf7Codec( bool unused )

This protected helper is used to help MUtf7Codec. The unused argument is just that, unused. It's an ugly hack, and I consider it entirely apposite.


Constructs a plain UTF-7 decoder/encoder.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString Utf7Codec::e( const UString & u )

This private helper returns the "correct" base64 encoding of u, including the special case for "+".

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