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At Oryx, we wrote high-quality code. Shortly after starting, it became clear that we needed real documentation for ourselves: Our Buffer class had to be documented, because we, ourselves, needed more than just comments in the source.

Since one of us had earlier experience from Trolltech, where a literate programming tool is used to write API documentation for a library, we decided to write a simpler variant of this tool, appropriate to our use.

Thus was born udoc. It's a tool to write the documentation the maintainer needs, and write nothing less, and make it really easy to do, and make it really simple, too. Compared to its older sibling, it's both less capable and much simpler:

Qdoc is meant for library users. People who use the documented classes, but don't necessarily know the library well. Udoc, on the other hand, is meant for people who spend most of their working day working on the documented classes.

Qdoc contains tutorial features. Udoc none. When the audience is the team which also writes the documentation, that's less important.

While qdoc makes it easy to write documentation, udoc goes even further. A reader of udoc documentation can always ask his/her team members. Readers of qdoc documentation don't have this luxury. Udoc cuts corners that qdoc can't.

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