Mail clients

These pages provide information about using a variety of mail clients with Archiveopteryx.

Feed2imap is an RSS/Atom feed reader that writes the feed contents to IMAP mailboxes.

Imapsync is a tool for keeping two IMAP mailboxes in sync.

Imaptest is an IMAP testing tool.

Msmtp is a lightweight unix MTA which submits all mail via SMTP submission, often used with Mutt.

Mutt is a popular character-mode pseudo-graphical mail reader.

Outlook is one name shared by two rather different Microsoft programs.

Perl is a language used for many hacks and scripts, some of which access IMAP mailboxes.

Roundcube is a popular webmail system.

Squirrelmail is another popular webmail system.

Thunderbird is probably the most popular GUI mail reader for unix/linux.

If a client is mentioned here, that just means we've answered questions about it more than twice, so we thought it worthwhile to write down the answers generally. In other words, this is a FAQ list, not a list of what we've tested or what we recommend.

There are also pages about some non-clients, such as exim, rrdtool. postfix, and qmail.

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