aoximport is used to import messages into Archiveopteryx en masse from other mailboxes. Four mailbox formats are currently supported, which together cover most unix-based email storage.

mbox format: The format used by most Unix software.

MH format: Used by MH, xmh, MH-E and optionally by gnus.

Maildir format: Used by qmail, netqmail and courier.

Cyrus mailbox: Used by Cyrus.

Here's a typical invocation:

aoximport /users/nirmala/old mbox ~nirmala/mail

That will look up each mbox file under ~nirmala/mail. If there is an mbox file called e.g. ~nirmala/mail/work, aoximport creates a mailbox called /users/nirmala/old/work and copies the mail there.

Subdirectories are supported. Empty mailboxes aren't imported.

File/directory names have to be ASCII or UTF-8. If a name uses e.g. ISO-8859-1, aoximport will import the mail, but the resulting mailbox will probably be called something like /users/nirmala/old/na�ve (instead of …/naïve). The mailbox names can be repaired using any IMAP client.

aoximport is rather slow, 30-100 messages per second on most typical hardware. It benefits (modestly) from running aox tune database mostly-writing in advance.

If the mail isn't on the same host that will run the database, then it's best to run aoximport where the old mail is, and have it connect to the mail database via TCP.

To do this, you need to compile Archiveopteryx, but make install isn't necessary. Then you copy archiveopteryx.conf from the target server. aoximport will read the archiveopteryx.conf, find db-address etc., and write the mail to the right database via TCP.

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