Class SieveNotifyMethod.

Inherits Garbage

The SieveNotifyMethod class takes care of the Sieve-specific parts of notifying: Parsing an URL, adding in From etc., constructing the message.

It does not actually notify. That will be left for another class, to be implemented. I think that other class will also be fed by Log, perhaps indirectly.

SieveNotifyMethod::SieveNotifyMethod( const UString & url, SieveProduction * argument, SieveProduction * command )

Constructs a SieveNotifyMethod object to parse and generally check url.

Reports errors using argument if that is non-null, otherwise using command.

SieveProduction * SieveNotifyMethod::command() const

Returns the command argument to the constructor.

Reachability SieveNotifyMethod::reachability() const

Returns... hm, returns Unknown. We don't support any IM methods yet.

I think that when we do add support for XMPP, this may still return Unknown for XMPP, if we've started looking but not found the answer yet.

void SieveNotifyMethod::reportError( const EString & e, SieveProduction * p )

Reports the error e via p if supplied, otherwise via the command().

void SieveNotifyMethod::setFrom( Address * f )

Records that f should be used as the From address. Applies only if type() is Mailto.

void SieveNotifyMethod::setFrom( const UString & f, SieveProduction * a )

Parses f as an email address and records that it should be used as From, and that any errors should be recorded via a.

void SieveNotifyMethod::setMessage( const UString & m, SieveProduction * a )

Records that m should be sent as body text.

This may cause errors. If it does, then they'll be reported via a.

Type SieveNotifyMethod::type() const

Returns the notification type, as inferred using the URL at construction time.

bool SieveNotifyMethod::valid()

Returns true if this object is valid, and false if there's something bad. Also reports the error using command().

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