Oryx Mailstore 0.94

0.94 was released on 2005-05-23. (The release was delayed by a week due to a server crash.)

Oryx plans to use Mailstore 0.94 on its own mail server.

If you want to try it, we suggest the use of < a href="conf/message-copy-directory">message-copy-directory to keep a copy of all incoming mail, and request that you subscribe to the mailstore-users list.

The next release is expected on 2005-06-20. If you would like to be notified, please join our announcements list.

Known bugs and other defects:

Changes since 0.93:

Major internal changes:

Due to the delays, we decided to defer some features until 0.95. We will focus on improved performance and fully-functional searching in the next release.


In case of questions, please write to info@aox.org.

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