Reporting bugs in Archiveopteryx

If you find a bug in Archiveopteryx, we'd like to hear about it and fix it. Please send mail describing the problem (and any relevant details) to, or the users list.

Unparsable messages

We would particularly appreciate copies of any messages that Archiveopteryx is unable to parse. If you enable message-copy in archiveopteryx.conf, copies of such messages will be stored in the message-copy-directory.

We will not republish any such messages you send us, but please review them to ensure that they don't contain any sensitive information. (You can use the aox anonymise command, or replace the text with 'x's, as long as it doesn't make the error go away.) If the error is caused by something you can't share, we'd appreciate it if you could send us a description of the problem instead.

Please send messages to (and not to the mailing list).

In case of questions, please write to

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