The auth-login configuration variable

auth-login controls whether the servers offer the deprecated SASL mechanism "login". This mechanism is supported by some widely-used clients, but it is not standard and not all implementations are compatible.

SASL authentication is available for IMAP, POP, SMTP, LMTP and SMTP/Submit.

auth-login is a toggle. Its default value is true:

auth-login = true

You can see its current value with the command aox show cf auth-login.

Toggle syntax

Toggles are written as a single word. Yes, true, on, 1, and enabled all mean that the toggle is enabled, while no, false, off, 0, and disabled unsurprisingly mean disabled. Toggles are case-insensitive.

Spaces are allowed at the start of the line, before and after '=', and after the value. Comments extend from '#' to the end of the line.

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