IMAP support in Archiveopteryx

Archiveopteryx includes an advanced IMAP server with support for RFC 3501, the latest version of IMAP, as well as more than a dozen extensions.

The IMAP server is fast, powerful, feature-rich and well-tested. It is intended as the primary way to access mail stored in the database.

Our IMAP server deviates from RFC 3501 in a few ways. It sends its responses in all upper case (OK, NO, BAD, FETCH, etc) even though the RFC permits lower case and Archiveopteryx generally favours lower case. It permits MSNs to be bigger than the number of messages in the mailbox. It's flexible about line endings.

IMAP extensions

Archiveopteryx 3.1.1 supports the following extensions:

We also support all of the relevant error codes listed in RFC 5530.

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