The check-sender-addresses configuration variable

check-sender-addresses directs whether Archiveopteryx should check whether the sender addresses on outgoing messages are explicitly permitted or not.

If this variable is enabled, then a user is only permitted to send mail where the From, Return-Path, Sender and Resent-From addresses contain addresses tied to that user. An attempt to send mail from another address is rejected. It has no effect on Reply-To.

Archiveopteryx also checks the SMTP sender address, and if it fails the test, Archiveopteryx silently replaces it with the user's primary address. (This behaviour is different from the other cases because the root cause of the misbehaviour if often different.)

An address is tied to a user if mail to that address lands in a mailbox belonging to that user. It can also be tied to a user using ACL, if user has the "p" right on that mailbox.


Assume that user Nirmala has address The alias is also bound to /users/nirmala/inbox. Nirmala is then allowed to use both and as From addresses.

The alias is goes to a different mailbox, /groups/sales.spain, which is not owned by Nirmala, so she cannot send mail "from" However, if she has the ACL right p on /groups/sales.spain, then she can send mail "from"

This command grants Nirmala the rights to read the sales.spain mailbox, set seen and other flags, and send mail "from"

aox setacl /groups/sales.spain nimala plrswn

check-sender-addresses is a toggle. Its default value is false:

check-sender-addresses = false

You can see its current value with the command aox show cf check-sender-addresses.

Toggle syntax

Toggles are written as a single word. Yes, true, on, 1, and enabled all mean that the toggle is enabled, while no, false, off, 0, and disabled unsurprisingly mean disabled. Toggles are case-insensitive.

Spaces are allowed at the start of the line, before and after '=', and after the value. Comments extend from '#' to the end of the line.

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