IMAP/ACL support in Archiveopteryx

ACL is short of Access Control List, ie. a way to govern which users can access which mailboxes in which ways. The Archiveopteryx implementation is based on RFC 4314, and is compatible which clients based on the older RFC 2086.

Most rights can be granted individually. There are three hardwired rules:

Some ACL implementations tie together rights. Archiveopteryx doesn't tie together anything; each right can be granted independently of all other rights.

RFC 4314 splits two of the rights from RFC 2086 into sets of more fine-grained rights. We've chosen to make 'c' an alias for 'k' and 'd' and alias for 'etx'. This means that when an RFC 2086-compliant client is used to manage ACLs, the the right to delete a mailbox and the right to delete messages in that mailbox are tied toghether. An RFC 4314-compliant client can manage these rights separately.

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