The annotations Table

annotations is used for the IMAP ANNOTATE extension, which permits annotating messages with string variables.

The mailbox and uid columns record which message the annotation annotates. They refer to the mailbox_messages table.

Annotations can either belong to one user or be shared among everyone. The owner column records the owner, and is null when an annotation is shared.

The name column records the annotations name, using annotation_names for the purpose. The name is a slash-separated string.

The value is the annotation's payload.

create table annotations ( -- Grant: select, insert, delete, update id serial primary key, mailbox integer not null, uid integer not null, owner integer references users(id) on delete cascade, name integer not null references annotation_names(id), value text, unique (mailbox, uid, owner, name), foreign key (mailbox, uid) references mailbox_messages(mailbox, uid) on delete cascade );

The annotations table was introduced in version 0.99.

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