The users table

The users table holds one row per Archiveopteryx user. The user has a login (which may contain '@' or anything else) and either a secret (a password) or an LDAP DN. Either secret or ldapdn can be null, but if both are null, then the user cannot log in.

The user also has a mailbox namespace, decided by the parentspace and login name. If the parentspace points to /users (it always does in practice) and the login is nirmala, then the user owns /users/nirmala and all mailboxes matching /users/nirmala/*.

The users table is bound to many other tables via its id, and to one table via its login, namely permissions.

The alias column points to the user's primary email address. It can be null in theory, but in practice it should only be null while creating/deleting a user and the associated alias(es) and mailbox(es).

create table users ( id serial primary key, login text, secret text, ldapdn text, parentspace integer not null references namespaces(id); alias integer references aliases(id) );

The users table was introduced in version 0.93.

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