The delivery_recipients table

delivery_recipients is used together with deliveries to send outgoing mail. See the deliveries page for more detail.

The delivery column records which message is to be delivered.

The recipient column records one recipient for that message. If a message goes to more than one recipient, there will be more than one row in delivery_recipients.

last_attempt records when Archiveopteryx last tried to send this particular message to this particular recipient.

action is an integer that describes the action taken for this delivery. It may be 0 for Unknown (i.e. the delivery has not yet been attempted), 1 for Failed (i.e. the message should be bounced), 2 for Delayed (in which case the delivery is attempted later), and 3–5 for Delivered, Relayed, or Expanded, all of which are considered successful outcomes (cf. the Recipient::Action enum in the source).

If status is not null, it is the delivery status as specified by RFC 3463. A typical value is "2.0.0", which means success.

create table delivery_recipients ( -- Grant: select, insert, update id serial primary key, delivery integer not null references deliveries(id) on delete cascade, recipient integer not null references addresses(id), last_attempt timestamp with time zone, action integer not null default 0, status text );

The delivery_recipients table was introduced in version 2.01.

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