The deliveries table

deliveries contains outgoing messages which haven't yet been handed over to the mail smarthost. It works together with the delivery_recipients table.

There are at least five cases in which Archiveopteryx needs to send outgoing mail: the Sieve redirect, reject and vacation commands, messages submitted using SMTP/Submit and finally error messages resulting from failure in the the first four cases. In all five cases, the outgoing messages are deposited in the deliveries and delivery_recpients table, and later they're taken from those tables and delivered to the smarthost.

sender is the message sender. If there is a problem, sender is the address which will be notified.

message points to the message which is to be sent.

injected_at is the time when the message was originally submitted as outgoing mail and expires_at is the time when Archiveopteryx will give up delivering it.

create table deliveries ( -- Grant: select, insert, delete, update id serial primary key, sender integer not null references addresses(id), message integer not null references messages(id) on delete cascade unique, injected_at timestamp with time zone, expires_at timestamp with time zone );

The deliveries table was introduced in version 1.12.

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