The flag_names table

flag_names records the names of all possible message flags.

Message flags are binary variables which IMAP clients may set or clear on messages. For example, the IMAP \Seen flag is set or cleared by most clients in order to remember whether a message has been read or not.

Most flags are kept in the flags table, which refers to this one. The two most-used flags are kept in mailbox_messages, namely \Seen and \Deleted. (There are rows for \Seen and \Deleted in flag_names, even though they aren't used much.)

Flag names are case insensitive in Archiveopteryx.

By convention, anyone who inserts rows into flag_names also sends NOTIFY flag_names_extended in the same transaction. At some point this will probably become a trigger.

create table flag_names ( -- Grant: select, insert id serial primary key, name text );

The flag_names table was introduced in version 0.93.

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