The flags table

flags records IMAP message flags.

Message flags are binary variables which IMAP clients may set or clear on messages. For example, the IMAP \seen flag is set or cleared by most clients in order to remember whether a message has been read or not.

When the flag is set, a flags row exists. When the flag is cleared, the row is removed. Archiveopteryx also increases mailbox_messages.modseq when a flag is changed.

mailbox and uid identify the message to which this flag applies.

flag identifies the flag by reference to flag_names.

Note that the \Seen and \Deleted flags are no longer kept in this table, but instead in the mailbox_messages.seen and .deleted columns.

create table flags ( -- Grant: select, insert, delete mailbox integer not null, uid integer not null, flag integer not null references flag_names(id), foreign key (mailbox, uid) references mailbox_messages(mailbox, uid) on delete cascade );

The flags table was introduced in version 0.93.

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