IMAP/Quota support in Archiveopteryx

Archiveopteryx (starting with 3.1.4) partly implements the Quota extension for IMAP. An IMAP client can ask Archiveopteryx what the logged-in user's quota is, and how much space that user is using.

Archiveopteryx does not enforce the quota in any way, and the default quota is vast. If a user is over quota, the system administrator may notice it and talk to the user, but Archiveopteryx itself will neither delete old mail nor reject new mail.

If an IMAP client attempts to set or change a quota, Archiveopteryx rejects the attempt.

Since reporting can be expensive for large mailboxes and some IMAP clients ask often, support for this extension can be disabled using use-imap-quota.

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Last modified: 2012-12-18