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Lemonade is a set of IMAP/SMTP extensions to help and improve email clients which have very little CPU, RAM and/or local disk, and which have little bandwidth and/or high latency. Typical examples include mobile phones, PDAs and laptops connected via mobile networks.

Rather than develop something all new, Lemonade extends existing standards so that these mobile clients can interoperate well with the existing world of email.

Lemonade has produced a profile which extends IMAP and SMTP/Submit, and is working on another, bigger profile.

Lemonade profile

The Lemonade Profile (RFC 4550) specifies a basic set of required extensions, restrictions, and so on for IMAP and SMTP/Submit. It covers the capabilities of traditional mail readers, but does not touch searching, virtual folders, address books or other advanced topics.

Lemonade Profile requires the following SMTP extensions: 8BITMIME, AUTH, BINARYMIME, BURL, CHUNKING, DSN, ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES, PIPELINING, SIZE, STARTTLS and URLAUTH. Archiveopteryx 2.0 supports all of these.

It also requires (and Archiveopteryx supports) the following IMAP extensions: CATENATE, CONDSTORE, IDLE, LITERAL+, NAMESPACE, STARTTLS, UIDPLUS and URLAUTH.

At the time of writing, noone has produced fully Lemonade-compliant email clients yet. Several servers are Lemonade-compliant.

Lemonade profile-bis

The second, more ambitious Lemonade profile is still unfinished. Archiveopteryx supports most of what it requires. We're not sure whether we'll support profile-bis completely; it depends on customer feedback.

In case of questions, please write to info@aox.org.

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