Database tuning

The aox tune database command creates or drops database indexes, so the database is optimised for the expected usage. There are three modes: mostly-writing, mostly-reading and advanced-reading.

Mode mostly-writing tunes the database for fast message injection at the cost of reading. This is suitable for write-only archives, and also while migrating messages to Archiveopteryx in bulk using tools like aoximport.

Mode mostly-reading tunes the database for message reading, but without full-text indexing. This is suitable for use as a normal mail server. This is the default.

Mode advanced-reading tunes the database for fast message searching and reading, at the cost of injection speed. This mode requires PostgreSQL 8.3 or later.

You can tune the database at any time, even while Archiveopteryx is running. Keep in mind that creating indexes is hard work and locks several important tables.

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