Archiveopteryx rocks

Archiveopteryx is a high-quality mail server, well suited to archiving.

It stores mail in a database, and provides access to it using standard protocols, including IMAP and POP. Archiveopteryx's servers runs on Unix/Linux servers, and works with clients on Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS and many more.

Archiveopteryx rocks because…

Because Oryx rocks. We use we publish our email addresses and answer mail, we avoid dubious business practices.

Because searching your mail is an idea whose time has come. Maintaining folders and addressbooks by hand is like sorting a haystack by hand and keeping it sorted.

Because we actually test it. We use unit testing, regression testing, protocol compliance testing, interoperability testing, random load testing and testing by unfortunate beta users (ie. you).

Because it's documented, and we make sure the user interfaces are sensible. We don't handle FAQs by setting up a Wiki where you can tell others how to create users. Instead we fix the program so the FAQ goes away.

(The easiest way to create a new user in Archiveopteryx is to run aox create user login password address@domain as root.)

Because the code is good. Our code goes through lint and valgrind regularly. We document our code and expect the documentation to make sense and the code to match the documentation.

Scalability goes at the end of the list, but not at the end of our list.

In case you have any questions, please write to

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