Sieve support

Sieve is an internet standard language to classify incoming mail and e.g. file it into specific mailboxes or forward it elsewhere. Archiveopteryx supports the basic Sieve language and the most common extensions, and uses Sieve for all mail delivery.

There also is a specific protocol for uploading sieve scripts into a server, managesieve. This protocol will shortly be issued as an RFC (work on the document is complete), and Archiveopteryx supports it.


Sieve is used by default. It can be disabled by setting use-sieve to false in archiveopteryx.conf.

The builtin managesieve server is enabled if Sieve is. It listens on address managesieve-address, port managesieve-port.

Some/many Sieve editors use TCP port 2000 by default, since that was specified by the internet-drafts that defined the protocol. The finished RFC, however, specifies port 4190, and Archiveopteryx has already been updated. It may be advisable to provide forwarding from port 2000 to the managesieve-port.


Avelsieve works with Archiveopteryx.

Smartsieve works with Archiveopteryx.

The KDE has managesieve support using URLs. Konqueror and Kontact can access and edit sieve scripts stored in Archiveopteryx. In Konqueror you open a URL like sieve://, and in Kontact you select Settings → Manage Sieve Scripts.

Old versions of the the Emacs managesieve client (M-x sieve-manage) do not work with Archiveopteryx. The bug is in the function sieve-manage-is-string (in file sieve-manage.el) and version 7.25 or later works.

Mulberry is reported to work as well with Archiveopteryx as it works with other servers.

Sieve-connect works, unless it uses a broken perl module. If you disable auth-digest-md5, the bug will not be triggered.

Abhijit Menon-Sen has written a rudimentary managesieve client in perl. It works.

Sieveshell has a parsing bug and does not work with Archiveopteryx (or other servers which implement the protocol correctly) as of version 2.2.13.

Thunderbird's Sieve plugin works with Archiveopteryx as of version 0.1.6, except that its Syntax check feature needs to be disabled.

Sieve extensions

Archiveopteryx 3.1.0 supports the following extensions:

Please ask if you need help with converting a Sieve script from another system, want to see a particular extension supported, or have other questions about Sieve.

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