Class Annotation.

Inherits Garbage

The Annotation class models a single annotation for a message, ie. it has an entr name, a value, an owner and associated data. The Annotation object doesn't register itself or maintain pointers to other objects - it's a simple value.

Injectee, Selector and Fetch::annotation() are the main users of Annotation.

Annotation::Annotation( const EString & name, const EString & value, uint owner )

Constructs a new Annotation with the given name, value, and owner.


Constructs an empty Annotation.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

EString Annotation::entryName() const

Returns the annotation's entry name, as set by setEntryName().

uint Annotation::ownerId() const

Returns the annotation's owner ID, as set by setOwnerId().

void Annotation::setEntryName( const EString & name )

Records that the entry name of this annotation is name. Annotation does not enforce validity.

void Annotation::setOwnerId( uint id )

Records that the user id owning this annotation is id. The initial value is 0, corresponding to a shared annotation.

void Annotation::setValue( const EString & v )

Records that the value of this annotation is v. The initial value is an empty string.

EString Annotation::value() const

Returns the annotation's value, as set by setValue().

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